Who are we?

We bring you the latest news, developments and trends from across the globe pertaining to sustainability in buildings, alongside vacancies and new opportunities to work within the market leaders and innovators within the sector.

It is no secret that as business appetites and attitudes move toward embedding corporate social responsibility into the heart of their work at all levels, rather than just as a ‘nice to have’ set of policies and objectives, that there is a great deal to be done across the sector. Businesses need now to stay on top of innovations and ensure they’re ahead of the curve at every turn, so as not to be beaten by more resourceful competitors. It matters no longer about the size of a business or its investment capabilities, but rather about its ability to quickly adapt and to hire people who can think outside of the box.

A hub for professionals and aspiring workers alike, JNABS is the only place online to find the latest news that will then give you competitive advantage in the job market and the ability to move things forward for your employer and career.

Our focus for vacancies is the best roles based in the UK working or advising within the UK built environment. The sector is moving quickly and during a period of a great deal of change for the country, offers a unique opportunity to really shape the future of Great Britain.